So I started this little series during the Summer. And I do mean ‘little’ I’m pretty sure it consisted of all two posts. Within them posts I managed to read 6 books. I wanted to started it up again after having received plenty of books to read at Christmas. 

Just before Christmas, I read this beautifully written book ‘Will you Remember Me?‘ By Amanda Prowse. 

It’s about a Mother of two, who gets diagnosed with Breast cancer. The book is about the journey, and hardships she faces, especially since all she’s ever done before this was look after other people. 

I’m pretty sure through the last quarter of the book I just cried. No book has ever made me cry as much as that one did. Don’t get me wrong this book also made me laugh out loud. But DAMN this book tore at my emotions. There were some points where I just sat like “HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN”. Anyways I’m losing track of the point. I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone that can have tissues to hand. 

Also FANGIRL moment…

No joke. I always freak out to my Mum if my tweets or posts get noticed. Sorry Mum, but thanks for always pretending to get as excited as me. 

The next book I finished reading last week was ‘Holding up the Universe‘ by Jennifer Niven. I had previously read ‘All the Bright Places’ and LOVED it. So I was keen to get through this one. By no means did it disappoint. 

It’s about two characters; Libby who’s going back to school after having tremoundous issues with her weight. And Jack Masselin, a cool kid in school. But he hides a secret; he can’t recognise faces.

I found myself so intrigued with the characters that, that made me read on. It made me realise that as I sit here now in my College Resource Centre I really have no idea the backgrounds of the people that surround me. It was a beautifully written book, one that I’ll remember for a very long while. 

Sophie’s Summer Book Club #1

Sophie’s Summer Book Club #2

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I’m so grateful to have read some incredible books recently. I love writing review posts but I always feel like I can never do the book justice in what I have to say. Also, I never managed to thank you all for 600 followers. That’s crazy and a very lovely early birthday present (it’s FRIDAY IM VERY EXCITED). Anyways, see you soon. 

Love, Sophie


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