Last month, I kick started my ‘book club’ again. Basically, I share with you the books I’ve recently read and give you my opinion on them. If you’ve read one of these books, I’d love for you to comment down below so we can discuss them! 

Sophie Kinsella – Finding Audrey

Firstly, Finding Audrey is about a girl who can’t leave the house and can’t even take off her dark glasses. Until a boy enters her life, he starts to help her get her life back again. 

A few years ago I read Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. I absolutely loved it so when I watched Zoellas video that included this I knew I had to read it too. Eventually I did get round to reading it (last weekend) and I was kind of disappointed? Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say I disliked it. It was  a good read. 

 Personally, I like it most when I can empathise with the character. And I’m not saying I can’t do that with people who have mental health issues. However, I just feel like it could have been in a bit more depth. I just kept wanting to know more. I would tell anyone to read this because then you can form your own opinion. 

Cecelia Ahern – Flawed
This book is about a Flawless Girl who suddenly becomes flawed. 

Yes, that’s probably a bad description but I think you should be as surprised as I was. I thought I knew what to expect from this book. But once I started I realised I was very, very, very wrong. If someone had described what happened I would have probably said it doesn’t sound like the type of book I’d read. However, I LOVED it! 

It was so gripping, I couldn’t put it down. It kind of freaked me out, but in a good way. Best news is that a follow up book is coming up around this time? I’m pretty sure I read that it was set to be published at the end of March. Which is so exciting, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I would 100% recommend to anyone. 

Sophie’s Book Club #3

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I love writing book posts as it gets me so excited to read more. What have you been reading recently? See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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