Everyday Outfits to go with Warby Parker NEW Collection

Recently, I’ve been made aware of Warby Parker’s Summer Eyewear launch. And let me tell you, I’m suffering with SERIOUS glasses envy. However, since I’m saving up for a car, insurance, and probably more importantly driving lessons it doesn’t look like I’ll be purchasing right at this very moment. But if you do, let me know!!! Having said that, it didn’t stop me from planning outfits that I thought would match with the glasses- a girl can dream right?

These jumped out at me straight away and I’m 100% certain its because of the colour. They’re so unique and I know I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on them anywhere else.

So the outfit I matched them with is this one…

I’m positive that the Light blue ruffle sleeve tie back top  would compliment the glasses very well.

I LOVE that these are two toned. I mean seriously have you seen anything cooler?!

I chose this outfit because I knew that the way the top is split in the middle by the two block colours it would go great with the glasses and how they’re split across.

I’ve also decided that this outfit is going to be my new FAVOURITE. I realise its basically all black but I was very happy with this combination.

Side note: As soon as I put on the fedora I was raking around for all other hats in my house. And these have started to make a reappearance again right?

I love these glasses for exactly the same reason I loved the first pair; they’re so different!

Since my Mum was kindly my photographer throughout this she advised me to stop wearing so much black. So i branched out with this outfit, and in all honesty I’m quite happy with the way it looks. Cause what do you do when you can’t wear black? You wear grey.

Anyways, obviously the green top matches the glasses well and I love the accessory of this Zoella Backpack.

I love the style of these and I could imagine these being an everyday essential.

I decided to try a formal look to match the glasses and I was quite happy with the outcome. The book was my Mums idea…

I don’t know whether I’d be brave enough to wear these but nevertheless I think they look so cool.

I paired it with an all black outfit (surprise surprise) and I think it would really go.

Similar to the other pair, just lighter, but I love them just as much! Maybe they would give me the sophisticated edge I’m missing?!?

I think this outfit would go well with the glasses as its just a really casual outfit.

I may have just been saving my favourite/most daring for last. How pretty are these??! I’m trying to wear more pink – she says after writing a post based off black clothing. But I just think these are super cute!

This is obviously the most dressy outfit but I knew I needed to wear it, to compete with the standards of the glasses.


Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I loved having time to be able to put so much effort into a fashion post. Also, if this post hasn’t already made you want to go check out Warby Parker, then I suggest you should, their new collection launched TODAY. How cool is that?! See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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