On Saturday the 1st of July, I went to my first University Open day. Northumbria has been the place to appeal to me the most so I was so excited about visiting and they definitely did not disappoint.

IMG_3161We arrived at 9:30, it took us about an hour in the car to get there and it was surprisingly easy to find. I know there are two campuses and that there was shuttle buses to take you to the other one but I just stayed at the City Campus.

You also got a couple of bags that had booklets of information, a newspaper and of course a free pen.

IMG_3159This was the main hall where all the stands were, they included information about each course, accommodation, finances, studying abroad and work placement. There was also refreshments, which was handy for my Dad who seemed to have about 3 cups of coffee. Also the picture above only shows half of the hall, if that gives you a sense of how big it was.

I headed straight for the Design stand which was right in the corner.  I ended up speaking to one of the students on the stand for about 40 minutes, she was so lovely and gave me a ton of information. Everything from the course itself, preparations for the interview and even the best shops to get samples.

IMG_3160There was a fashion lecture at 12. So after talking to the people at the stand we ended up having an hour to spare to wander round. We walked round to the Design building and got speaking to another student and professor about the fashion course. Whilst my questions had been answered by the previous student at the stand, the second student seemed to have plenty more to tell me and I could actually look through other students portfolios. I found this really helpful and interesting because I got to see the amount of work that’s produced and the quality of it too.

IMG_3162Anyways, we had the Fashion lecture in the Business building which was really useful because it thoroughly explained the different courses within Fashion and just helped me to solidify which course I am actually interested in.

We then headed back to the Design building and had a tour of the studios. The facilities are amazing and are absolutely massive. Also, I just want to apologise for this picture being a bit blurry, I was on a tour with just one other family and it was really difficult to take pictures without anyone noticing.


I was in awe at the work that has been produced by students there. It has me aspiring to one day be at that same level.

IMG_3164I had such an amazing day- not just because it was my first Saturday off work in about 3 months. But because Northumbria had been the University I liked the look of the most and to actually be able to look around the Campus, meet students and just in general have more information, it has just reassured me that its still my first choice.

Have you been to any University Open Days? Are you at University currently?

See you Soon.

Love, Sophie


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  1. It’s good to visit the University you are interested in because it makes you work harder and more excited for University life. I never went to an open day for the University I’m currently in (University of Sheffield). If I had, I would have been equally as happy as you were! Luckily for me, Sheffield did not disappoint and I love it. University will be a great experience for you so get those grades so you can get to your dream University! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! It 100% has given me the motivation to get the grades to get in.
      That’s so lucky that you didn’t go to an open day but still ended up loving the University 😊

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  2. Oh this brings back memories! 🙂 I’m glad you found talking to students helpful. I used to work (we get paid to do it) on open days and really hoped I was helpful for students.

    Good luck with picking your uni! Have you got any more open days lined up? 🙂

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  3. I’m glad you found a university you love! I had these feeling with one open day but another that I’d set my heart on really disappointed, so it’s always worth going to open days…

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  4. I went to the uni open day for both northumbria and newcastle and fell in love with the city! Ended up going to newcastle and i’ve just finished my degree, wish I could do it all again.
    Love your pictures of the day and good luck picking a university to go to!

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      1. Thank you! It’s in Psychology, still feels so surreal that its all over – are you thinking of any other Universities or are you set on Northumbria?
        I have friends who go there and absolutely love it x

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      2. That’s so cool! Well done! I do psychology for a levels but couldn’t imagine having a degree in it.

        I’ve been looking at Liverpool and Manchester and will look more into them when I go back to college but Northumbria is still set at no.1 aha x


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