For a few months, I have been upcycling (basically redecorating) some old dining chairs. We were going to get rid of them but I thought I’d try to give them a second life. I decided to take pictures of the whole process so I would be able to put them into a post.

IMG_3866So this was the original state of the chairs. I won’t be editing any of the pictures just so you can see the chairs in their true form. As you can see the seat covers were dated and there was numerous marks on the frame of the chair.

IMG_3867IMG_3868The next step was to sand them down. I just used sand paper that I bought for 99p a sheet. I’m sure it would have been easier if I had a machine or whatever people use, but I wanted this to be a cost effective project. There wasn’t any rough edges, it was more sanding down wear and tear marks.

IMG_3844IMG_3835The above picture shows a comparison, so the upside down chair on the left had been painted and the one on the right, hadn’t. I really liked the colour of the paint as I didn’t want a drastic change, I just wanted to update them.

Side note: I did polish them down before painting them, just so I had a clean base.

IMG_3859IMG_3862And this was the finished product! I’m so pleased with the outcome and I now have the DIY bug and will go onto paint other things around the house.

The fabric I used was from Dunelm and called Jakarta Plum Fabric. I bought two metres and that was more than enough to do 4 chairs (enough that I’m probably going to make some cushions out of it.) The paint shade was ‘Dark Rosewood’ and I think the red undertone in the paint complimented the plum colours in the fabric.


Love, Sophie


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  1. Ah I spontaneously bought a new dining room table and chairs from Gumtree and I want to sand and either paint or varnish them, but I’m a bit of a scaredy cat! These look great!

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      1. Yeah, I guess the wax would just be to help prevent it from wear and tear. But when it comes to dining furniture I can’t really see it getting damaged. I love the look of the dining chairs I painted and there was no wax, primer or anything but paint involved!

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