When I first mentioned to my Mum that I was going to go without makeup for a week, her reply was “But you always wear makeup?” And that was the point. I was no longer putting on makeup for enjoyment, I was doing it out of habit. Mainly so people I go to College with didn’t judge what I see as my not-great-skin.

However, I wanted to push myself (and of course do it for the blog) to see whether there were any changes throughout the week to the appearance of my skin.


As you can probably tell from the pictures, I was definitely trying to hide basically all of my face. I definitely started this week with 0 confidence.

Luckily, I was starting this challenge easy, with just having to be in College for one hour. Easy, right? It was proved to be. Surprisingly no one noticed (or if they did they didn’t point it out) that I wasn’t wearing any makeup. So I either way didn’t look that bad bare faced or I look a mess with or without makeup. It’s probably the latter.



Today was my full day at college (9-4) I had to face even more people. However, even within 24 hours, I had gained a slither of confidence to just get on with it. I’m pretty sure wearing my favourite pink coat had something to do with it. Even still, I’d be lying if I didn’t think numerous times in the day ‘Damn, I wish I had some makeup on right now’



Since not wearing makeup, I had to listen to my skin, in doing so I noticed my skin was slightly oily. So to sort this I made a quick Boots order and picked up ‘Cetaphil’ (it was mentioned in a Cosmopolitan article). Immediately my skin felt the benefits.



This was probably my most infuriating day with my skin. I had been drinking a lot more water than I usually would, I’d rearranged my skincare to suit my skin type but still I had spots and blemishes, with even more appearing. I blamed it on the fact that it’ll be ‘that-time-of-the-month’ in a few days and just decided to get through the last remaining day of this challenge.



On the way to College my Mum turned to me and asked “So how has your no makeup week gone?” And after having being able to evaluate the whole situation, I realised its much easier to not care about what others think of you than I thought. And just because my skin didn’t drastically improve within a week, doesn’t mean it never will. Surely wearing no makeup has done more good than harm? And if none of those reasons matter, then I’m just glad I had that extra time in the morning.

I’m planning on not wearing makeup for a little while. Occasionally,Β  I’ll wear makeup again for College, but only when I want to. Because that’s how it should be.

Love, Sophie


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  1. You have fantastic eyebrows! I understand feeling like make up is a chore sometimes. I’ve also stopped wearing it as often because it’s tedious sometimes and also I’m pretty sure no one really notices or cares if I wear it often. Maybe you should extend the no make up week and see how it goes? I’ve been thinking of doing just mascara/gloss/moisturizer

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  2. I’ve never worn make up on a daily basis. No one has ever said anything to me or commented. I just save it for special occasions now. But even then I don’t wear much – usually just a bit of eyeliner and mascara. πŸ™‚ Don’t worry what others think of you – in fact you may even encourage others to go makeup less too πŸ™‚

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    1. That’s so interesting! I think I just got influenced by my peers with the amount of makeup I was wearing and it just escalated! I’m very happy I took a week out to remind myself what I look like without makeup and that it’s ok not to wear it!😊

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      1. It is definitely ok not to wear it πŸ™‚ I think there is so much pressure for girls to wear make up these days with all the peer pressure. I remember I felt like I should in year 11 but I just couldn’t be bothered πŸ˜‚

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  3. Your skin looks so much better than mine!!! Also damn girl your eyebrows. I love the idea behind this post, I agree that you should only be doing makeup for yourself and im glad u were able to find the confidence to complete this challenge xx

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  4. I think your skin looks great! Not wearing makeup takes some getting used to, but it saves so much time in your day when you get to that level of comfort that you don’t feel like you need it! I started wearing a medium coverage powder or stick foundation because it’s quick and easy!

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