For the past couple of days, I haven’t been feeling great, hence why this post is up late because I have ZERO energy. Anyways, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve attended 2 University Open days and I thought I could compare the two in a post.

Before, I get into it, I wrote a post about the first Open day I went to which was Northumbria. I didn’t see the point in comparing that one as well because you can just read all about it here.

Leeds Beckett


So I realise that the organisation of the day shouldn’t represent my overall judgement on the University. However, when it took 4 hours to drive 65 miles, it didn’t put me in the greatest of moods. I can totally understand that it was going to be busy. But to spend 2 hours in a multi-storey car park looking for a space wasn’t great. I found out that there was actually 2 University Open Days happening and a rugby match. So for me, that just seems badly planned.

Moving onto the University itself, I can’t say I felt the day got much better. Maybe because I wasn’t in the greatest of moods to begin with, because of how long it took to get there or maybe I did have valid reason to my judgement.

Here’s what I thought:

  1. There was a lack of students. Maybe there was plenty, I just didn’t see them. Yes for sure I saw Student Tour Guides. But I wanted to meet Students who did the course I was interested in to gain their insight.
  2. The lecture. I was so excited to have 40 minutes of knowledge about the Fashion course I wanted to do. However, it was only 20 minutes and the other half was about Fashion Marketing, which I’m not interested in. I couldn’t even leave discreetly because it was in the fashion classroom.
  3. The stands were unhelpful. When I found the Design stand, I was told I’m best off just going to the lecture because they personally had no information on the course.
  4. The detail into the course. At LAST I have a positive, during the talk I did appreciate the depth they went into to talk about what the course entails.
  5. The course itself. The thing I like most about the course is that they put a real emphasis on photographing the garments they make. Which is great for me as I do Photography at A- Level and it would be a shame to let that go to waste.

Overall, I liked the course but I didn’t find the University right for me.

Manchester Metropolitan


We took advantage of the park and ride service the University had on offer and as soon as we arrived there was someone there to take us to sign in. Everyone seemed so friendly and there was a plethora of people on hand to help.

IMG_4087This fashion Lecture, didn’t disappoint. I love that there was a real emphasis on the amount of well known brands that reach out to the University and how many graduates get great jobs within the industry.

IMG_4097After the Fashion talk, we found the Fashion stand. A lady there suggested we go to the Fashion Design and Technology Lecture as well. She was so lovely she even walked us round to the exact building it was taking place.


After the Fashion Design and Technology lecture, we had a tour around that building. And from what people had said to me during that time, I’d guessed there was another building for Fashion and art subjects.

So after having a 10 minute argument with my Dad about this second building, we found the second building…I refrained myself from saying “I told you so”.

And let me tell you, it was BEAUTIFUL. (the building not the satisfaction of being right.)


The facilities were AMAZING. I was in awe of all the machinery. A room filled with knitting machines, another with looms, another just different types of sewing machines. I also really loved the amount of space there was for students who weren’t in lesson, that you could just grab a desk and start working.

Overall, I LOVED Manchester, it was the city I was born in and even though I now live 2 hours away, it felt like it could be home again.

Love, Sophie


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  1. Oh that’s rubbish! You definitely want students there to talk to, some people want to talk to them while some people don’t want to talk at all. I know when I helped on open days we had students on the main stand (as well as staff) as well as to conduct tours of the facilities after the lectures were given so there were always students around to ask questions. We also made it so students could come and talk to us away from parents too if they felt more comfortable doing so. But I really enjoyed my time helping on open days and I do like to think we made a big difference to decisions etc.

    I know you definitely get a feel for universities and at the end of the day you have to find somewhere where you know you’ll enjoy the course but also be happy. For me that was Newcastle and I’ve never felt happier there compared to any of the other unis I visited (postgrad was slightly different). But you definitely just get a feel for a place.

    Just a thought, it may be worth emailing the admissions tutor for Leeds and tell them that you felt there should have been a better student presence. They should pay us for doing it so it may be they didn’t have the money to do it but they should listen! Also that is very badly planned on the uni’s part about open days clashing plus a rugby match. Sometimes it can’t be helped- I know Newcastle and Northumbria often had open days on the same day but they should definitely have advised about it/given alternative parking. I know Newcastle generally used to advise parking at Heworth is it? Then getting the Metro in!

    Hopefully you’ll find somewhere soon that you like! 🙂

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    1. I think after visiting Northumbria, where I gained the majority of knowledge from students. I was so disappointed that it didn’t seem to be any around to talk to at Leeds. I do agree students helping on the open days do make a big difference, or at least they do for me.

      I did fill out a questionnaire about the day that the University had emailed out. It’s just a bit of a shame that the day panned out the way it did.

      I can completely understand how and why it got hectic on the day. I just felt that it could have been maybe a bit more organised because as soon as you hit Leeds the traffic was just grid locked.

      I did really enjoy Manchester and Northumbria. And could see myself at either one. But there’s pressure from College I need to pick 5. I understand I could get into neither but my plan would be then to do a foundation course first.

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      1. Definitely don’t cave to the pressures from college! I know what it’s like! 🙂 Only you know where would be best for you and it is one of the hardest decisions to make, so don’t let people or your college bully you in to making the decision for you, you want to be happy! 🙂

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