Happy Halloween!

For the past couple of years, I’ve always done a small post on the 31st of October. Even if I’m just showing you my (usually very poor) pumpkins. Obviously I can’t break tradition now…

(If you missed my previous posts)

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2016

FullSizeRenderI have to admit my Pumpkins aren’t as good as they have been in past years but my excuse is that they’re small and I was rushed.

IMG_4135As always I baked cupcakes to give our to trick-or-treaters. We do also give out sweets, but I think cupcakes are just something different and they taste AMAZING. I may have ate 1 or 2, just to make sure they were good enough to give out of course.

I loved the way I decorated the porch this year. The decorations were some of my favourites. Especially those skeleton lights, ugh I wish I could keep them around the house all year.

IMG_4134I didn’t really have time to dress up this year because of college. But I have to admire my Mums effort. Her makeup was courtesy of me and I can’t say it went all to well, but at least it was an appropriate day to wear not-so-great-makeup. I have to say my happiness during Halloween (and Christmas) is down to my Mum, I just love her.

Love, Sophie


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