It would be pretty impressive if I had built a porch. But alas, I just repainted it, added a couple accessories and in my opinion gave it a bit of life. Like the chairs, I thought I’d blog the process…

The inner door was the first to be painted and I was so surprised that it made such a difference. I was also very happy because it meant I wasn’t doing this whole process for nothing.

Here’s the outer door before and then part of the outer after it was painted. This one definitely needed the lick of paint.

On the left this was the colour of the walls before painting (I realise it was all very bland) and on the right was what it looked like after the first coat. At this point, I wasn’t too sure I liked the colour but I knew I had to do two coats because the first just wasn’t enough.


     After the second coat, I was much more comfortable with the colour, it was subtle but it still looked much better than it did before.

I added a couple little bits to finish it off. I still need to take a bit of paint off the windows in certain areas but apart from that its done and I’m very happy with the results.

Love, Sophie


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