I was so excited to do a huge clothing haul but time escaped me so here I am at 9pm on a Monday putting together a photography post. I haven’t done one of these in a while and because its the festive period I’ve been capturing some pretty pictures…

IMG_4404IMG_4405Late November, I took a trip to Durham, it was so beautiful as all the Christmas lights were up.

IMG_4464This was my towns Christmas tree. It looks pretty and had me feeling very festive.

IMG_4465I took this picture on the night that my town had a Christmas parade. I went on my own and it was lovely to just have that time to be by myself but still surrounded by so many happy people.

IMG_4466It started snowing on the 1st of December!! This picture isn’t from then its actually from today where its snowed again. I’m not too sure how I feel about all this snow, whilst its very fitting with the time of year it is just a bit too cold.

IMG_4460IMG_4462My 2 year old Golden retriever, Alfie, very much enjoyed the snow. He rolled around in the snow as if it was mud. But its okay, he’s cute.

Sorry for the short post, last week at college and then I put extra effort into my posts over Christmas.

Have you had snow recently?

Love, Sophie


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