Can you believe this time next week it will be Christmas Day?! Argh I’m so excited. Anyways, at the weekend I wrapped up my parents presents and thought I’d share what I bought.

But before I get into that, I wanted to mention Liam Birkner: Whiskey and Words blog. He uploads ‘Get Involved’ posts, which you NEED to participate in and he’s about to start a Book of the Month series where you can win a free book. I’ve linked both posts so you can get more information. I’ve followed Liam’s blog for a while now and think he definitely needs some more recognition for his work.

Also, if anyone would like to be featured in my posts either like I’ve done above or on a collaborative post, then just let me know.

IMG_4493I don’t understand why my Dad is soo difficult to buy for, I just never have any ideas. It usually ends up as clothes and alcohol, he doesn’t complain, so success right?

I also wanted to kick myself at these pictures because I could have got some much better flatlays but I think my excitement to wrap them all just got too much.

My family have this tradition-type-thing where we save a ‘special’ present for each other for the evening on Christmas Day. The way it works we each get 2 presents. My Dad’s present for later is this Jumper from M&Co.


My Mum on the other hand is the easiest person to buy for. I’ve told my Mum this, but because she never buys herself anything all year round, Christmas and her birthday are the times when I can just buy her everything she needs. If I could afford the world both my parents could have it.

Anyways, my Mum’s ‘special’ present is a watch that you may be able to see that’s slightly in the middle of the picture. We were in the post office a while ago (I didn’t even know the tiny post office in my tiny town had a jewellery bit) and my Mum commented on this watch and I think she thought I wasn’t paying attention because I was trying to put together a parcel at the time. But I was paying attention and I can’t wait to see my Mum’s face when she unwraps it.

Have you finished your Christmas Shopping?

Lots of Love, Sophie


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