I’m not too sure how this year is coming to an end, it kind of just feels like one big blur. Nonetheless I thought I should recognise the last day of 2017 with a post. I wanted to write about a few highlights of this year and how I’ll be spending my New Years Eve.


During the Summer, I had the absolute honour of being one of my cousins’ bridesmaid’s for her wedding. I think because her wedding had been in planning mode for a couple years it was a definite highlight for it to finally happen.

img_3529Next, I was super fortunate to spend a week in Ibiza. It was a lovely getaway from life in general.

The event that took up a big chunk of my life this year was learning to drive. I surprisingly really enjoyed learning and was ecstatic to pass first time on the 6th of November. But then to get a car of my own for Christmas just made me beyond grateful.

Finally, a definite highlight of 2017 has been this month. Most years, December, is always such a joyous time. But specifically this year, I’ve enjoyed every minute, from Christmas shopping in Durham, to the little bit of snow we had, to Christmas itself. Its definitely one of my favourite Christmases.

IMG_4575So tonight when many are at parties bringing in the New Year, I’ll be sat at home having a pamper evening consisting of painting nails and face masks. Because if you can’t go into the New Year treating yourself with nice nails and good skin (the latter being debateable) then when can you?

Lots of Love,



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