I see my Bedroom as my safe space. I don’t know about most people but I’ve managed to create my room, somewhere that I can fully relax. And after a bit of a stressful few days (which I’ll have a post on next week) I thought I could show you my bedroom, for anyone that’s interested in that type of thing.




When I first got this winter bedding as a gift my initial thought was ‘maybe its a bit too warm to sleep in?’ But I can assure you, it is not, and it is in fact a very cosy way to sleep.

Is it annoying anyone else that that canvas isn’t central? That’s going to have to change… Anyways, I would really like to buy some other art pieces for my wall so if anyone has any recommendations it would be greatly appreciated.

Bedside Table


On to my bed side tables, up until Christmas I only had one but my parents kindly bought me a matching second. (Hence the picture is off centre because the bed moved).Β  One side I have a lamp and book, having a book there reminds to read it, usually before sleeping. The other side I have my calendar and some fake flowers, that I think brighten a dark-ish corner of my room.


Dressing Table

This part of my room is definitely the most ‘cluttered’ and its not even that bad. I love this corner, its where I’ll sit down every morning and get ready for the day.

In the mirror of the dressing table you can see the other mirror I have which I’m obsessed with and I’m so annoyed I forgot to take a picture of.

Full length mirror


Wardrobe- B&Q

White board- Tesco

There’s not much to say about this area of my room. Apart from I have a whiteboard that I bought, that tells me what time I’m in College and what for and it was supposed to be a motive to revise but alas it has not been.


Chest of Drawers

Finally my T.V and other drawers. I finally got my T.V moved from my old room after probably about a year and I’ve been very excited.

Sorry this post was short, will be back next week with a much more in depth upload.

Is your bedroom your own safe space?

Lots of Love,




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