Lately, I’ve had a lot of college work on and its been affecting me a lot more than usual. A couple weeks ago, I ended up making myself ill from the work I was piling on myself and doing it so late into the night. I came to the realisation I needed to remind myself the ways I unwind and put more of a focus on them and try to include them into my daily routine.

Here are the 8 things I came up with…

1. Yoga

u3This year, I’ve seen quite a few people also joining in with Yoga With Adriene’s TRUE- 30 Day Yoga. I have been following Adriene’s videos for quite a few years now and I find her practices so beneficial. I’ve set myself the goal of doing a yoga video a day for a year, I love having that time that can just take me away from whatever is stressing me out to re-evaluate and to ‘Find what feels good’.

2. Plan what you need to do

u7Some would say its counterproductive to spend time writing down what you need to do rather than actually doing it. However, I find it so helpful to have a list of everything I need to achieve because it means I don’t forget to do anything. It also feels amazing to be able to tick things off. I LOVE to use the Reminders app on my IPhone because its more likely I’ll have my phone on me than a piece of paper.

3. Stop Working after 9pm

After I’d made myself ill, I decided it was for the best I set myself a time for when I have to stop all college work and settle down for the night. I’ve found it so helpful and its actually made me more productive because I think  ‘damn I have an hour before I need to stop’ so I get on with more work instead of just procrastinating and waiting until 9:30 and thinking ‘damn should start work now’. Another quick tip I have is I’ve stopped working in my room/on my bed. The majority of the time, I don’t enjoy working and I feel like if I do it on my bed/in my room I’m leaving that stress and negative energy in that area. My room should be where I can instantly relax.

4. Go for a Walk

u6Recently, I haven’t been making many plans, probably because its gloomy January and because I don’t feel like I have the time to go out. However, I feel so much better for getting some fresh air and taking this one for a walk. Even though the majority of the time Alfie takes me for a walk.

5. Clean

I feel that I’m definitely in the minority with this point. But to unwind, I clean. No, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, its weird, I know. Its just therapeutic for me to have a good ol’ clean. I don’t even just mean a quick polish. I mean I’ll rearrange rooms, sort out cupboards, clean places you wouldn’t think to. I’m not saying clean as heavily as I do, but try it out, it makes you feel productive. It sounds daft but whenever I’ve cleaned a part of the house, it makes my mind feel a little bit lighter. I feel like I’m Monica Geller clean (Friends reference.)

6. A Routine

u1We all have our routines, whether that’s skincare, morning, evening or exercise. Recently, I’ve adapted a much smaller one, every night before sleeping, I put on this Soap & Glory hand cream and apply some Carmex lip balm. Its not set in stone, I can always switch it round as seasons change.

7. Tea

u2If I’m feeling particularly tired or stressed then I’ll make sure to have some Green tea before bed, it puts me in the right frame of mind before sleeping.

8. Read

u4Whether its a book or a magazine, I appreciate having time to take my mind off things. I’m loving reading ‘How to be an Overnight Success’ as its really motivating me to do well. Also, can you really go wrong with VOGUE?

I guess you could say Blogging helps me to unwind as much at its still a passion. I always feel better after a long chatty post.

How do you unwind?

Lots of Love,






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    1. Oh no haha. It was definitely hard for me to change the routine and stop at 9 and eventually it’s motivated me to do work before that time. I just think I’m sleeping better and my minds a bit clearer at night x

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  1. I used to clean my room and my bathroom at uni to unwind too! XD I also definitely agree with the stopping work at 9, it is important to have time off between working and bed to stop, especially during exams!

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  2. I totally relate to you with the reading and planning things out, but I will admit I’m also a bit of a cleanaholic 🙈 I don’t know why it’s so relaxing isn’t it?! I’m glad it’s not just me aha x

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