Why did January feel like it lasted much longer than it needed to? I am definitely excited its now February (its my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!) and what better way to start a new month by sharing my favourites from the previous one…


Something I started at the beginning of the year was a Bullet Journal and whilst I’m still working out what works for me, its definitely been a favourite of mine. In the picture above you can see I have two check lists; one for yoga and one for water. Its actually motivated me to keep drinking 2 litres a day and make yoga part of my daily routine.

Speaking of Yoga, I have been LOVING it. I can feel myself getting stronger and if I’m not having the best of days it really helps me into a better mood. I can’t recommend Yoga with Adriene enough.

2I have to admit, I haven’t made a huge effort with makeup in the past month. However, when I use this Seventeen 3 way Highlighter, it makes me look a little bit more alive. It has a lovely subtle glow. You can also use it as a primer or add to your foundation, so when I’m back on the makeup game, It’ll be cool to see the results.

I’ve watched the past couple of episodes of Call the Midwife and I am OBSESSED. I don’t know why I didn’t think of watching it before? Anyways, I don’t know if you could call it a favourite but I can tell I am about to get addicted. Now to find where can I watch the first 6 series…


If you read my What I got For Christmas Post, you’ll know I received these beautiful earrings. I basically want to wear them everyday and the only thing that stops me is that I don’t want my second piercing to close up, so some days I have to go back to two earrings in each ear.

1And finally, even with the little makeup I’ve been wearing, I still want it to stay in place. I have been loving the Barry M Makeup Setting Spray. I pretty much look the same when I come home as I did when I left in the morning.

What have you been loving recently?

Lots of Love,




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    1. I followed the whole TRUE series, it’s her latest videos on YouTube atm. But before I started properly committing myself I used to love doing the bedtime one she has. It’s 36 minutes but it’s honestly sooo relaxing. So maybe try that one? She has such a large variety, you’ll for sure find one you want to try. There’s also 10 minute ones if you just want a short taster! Xx


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