This day, three years ago, I started this blog. I can’t quite believe where the time has gone and I see it as achievement for it to still be going strong. It was my birthday a few days ago, so there’ll be a lengthy post on that going up on Saturday. The couple of days that followed after my birthday, I managed to take a few pictures on my walks with Alfie, which I thought would be nice to put into a post…

12Not only has it been 3 years with a blog, its been 2 years with this gorgeous boy. I honestly can’t believe we’ve only had Alfie for 2 years, he’s part of the family, it feels like a life time. Seriously, what was life like without a beautiful dog?

3456I just LOVE Alfie’s face when he’s observing something new. This time it was sheep. He probably thought they were just fluffy dogs and with anyone he just wanted to play with them.

1087I think this post is turning into ‘What my Dog watched one day…’ But this time Alfie was interested in the ducks. He clearly wanted to attempt a run down the bank and a swim into the water.


Do you have a dog?Β 

Lots of Love,Β 





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