Recently, I haven’t quite been in the right head space. It seemed to be bad news after bad news, stress after stress and I found myself dragging myself through each day. Currently, I’ve decided to be grateful for the little things; the weekend being sunny for once; getting to take Alfie for long walks and the ‘Your Time Capsule’ Playlist on Spotify.

Anyways, into the post, this is my (maybe) last university interview. This is my ootd I wore for Manchester Metropolitan interview. I didn’t get accepted. (While I was gutted) Everything happens for a reason.

5Top: New Look

Trousers: H&M

Boots: River Island

*Things I can’t find I still include the brand I bought them from.


How are you?

Lots of Love,





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  1. It’s their loss not yours! I actually got rejected from 4/5 of the Universities I applied to and the one I got into I am loving and I cannot imagine studying anywhere else. Other people I know got rejected from all their Universities or didn’t get the grades, took a gap year and decided University wasn’t for them! So I really do believe everything happens for a reason. xx

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  2. Absolutely love that top! While I can relate a little too hard to that gutting feeling of rejection, I appreciate your optimism and perspective of looking for how the little things can bring you joy. I think that’s really admirable

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  3. I had wanted to go to Leeds Uni my whole life (I couldn’t even tell you specifically why looking back now) and I was absolutely devastated when I didn’t get in. I ended up going to Cardiff on a whim – I hadn’t even visited – and had the best 3 years. I might have even stayed if I wasn’t in a relationship with someone back home when I graduated. Keep smiling, it will all work out fine 😊 x

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