My blog is quite often a space of positivity (and OOTD’s) but sometimes I think its interesting to talk about the products that haven’t quite worked for me. It was a year ago since I last did this post, so I’ve managed to accumulate another group of items that are yet to end up in one of my monthly favourites.

2This is definitely the product that has disappointed me most, My skin had been the best it had for a while and I had a couple small blemishes that I thought this would have been perfect for. Unfortunately, I broke out quite bad, I was getting spots in places on my face I’ve never had before. I was so full of hope, I carried on using it, putting the breakout down to hormones. I probably used this for at least a month, maybe 6 weeks. Yes, my skin would get better (not to how it was before, the spots were just less red) But ultimately, the breakouts came back frequently, with more spots. Realising Proactiv had to be the cause, I stopped using it.

My intention is not to stop you from buying this product, but to share my experience. Using this really knocked my confidence, I disliked having conversations (in fear of judgement) and I generally hated how I looked. After a visit to the Doctors, my skin is slowly going back to the way it was a couple months ago. I don’t want to discourage anyone from using it (what with different skin types) I just wanted to bring a bit of awareness.

5Before jumping straight to ‘it didn’t work for me’ I think its more that I would need to try this product again. When I did use it, I found it almost flaky?/rubbed off, could be down to skin type?? I also didn’t notice a difference in blemishes. However, after having done further research it does say ‘For clearer skin in 4 weeks’. I can’t be certain I used it consistently for a month and that may be where I’m going wrong. Therefore, I’m going to start incorporating this again back into my routine and it may just turn up in next months favourites.

3Is this TMI to talk about? Am I entering weird territory, talking about razors online? Either way, I can’t say I’ve been a no.1 fan of this one. Maybe its just me lacking a good technique, I just can’t seem to achieve that freshly shaved legs feeling (if that’s TMI I do apologise). Anyways, I’ll just go back to one I can actually use, I’m sure you were all sat at the edge of your seat to see how I was going to resolve that issue.

4I think I expected too much from this product. It does what it says, it is a refreshing eye roll on and I think its at a good price point. However, I wouldn’t agree it reduces the look of dark circles (maybe mine are so bad, they’re past the point of help?) I also wouldn’t say it soaks in too quick. Considering its a clear gel, I can still see where I’ve applied it for longer than you’d think.  However, I’ll still continue to use it because I appreciate the coolness it does have on application.

DISCLAIMER: Just because these products didn’t work for me, doesn’t necessarily mean the same for you. I’d also like to say the majority of products mentioned had good qualities. But some that just didn’t suit me.

If you are interested in what wasn’t working for me this time last year, you can here.

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  1. I always find that electronic razors cannot get a close enough shave personally so I use disposable razors with shaving cream – you just have to be careful not to cut yourself. Alternatively, you can use an electronic epilator which works like tweezers to remove the hair and lasts longer than just shaving. Or there’s always hair removal creams or waxing. xx

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