Apparently I needed to zone out from the outside world after finishing a levels. But I’m properly back and ready to start posting (hopefully) twice a week. There will be 100% more book reviews- I’m onto reading my fourth book in a week. Anyways to change this post a bit, I asked my Mum to tell me what she thought of the books as well. Its not super common when we both read the same book/s. However, since that’s occurred I thought it would be interesting to see how opinions can differ and/or be similar.


‘Dear Amy’ Helen Callaghan

What a way to start my Summer reading with this gripping book…

A local schoolgirl has been missing for weeks when Margot Lewis, agony aunt of ‘Dear Amy’ advice column, receives a letter. Dear Amy, I’ve been kidnapped by a strange man. I don’t know where I am. Please help me, Bethan Avery. This must be a hoax. Bethan Avery is another young girl, who went missing twenty years ago. As more letters arrive, Margot becomes consumed by finding the sender and- unlike the police- convinced that the girls’ disappearances are connected. Solving this puzzle could save someone’s life- but could it also cost Margot her own?’

My opinion on this book is that it is such a good read, it had an unexpected twist and overall it was just incredibly written. It had just enough detail to leave you feeling quite disturbed and towards the end had my heart racing.

My Mum’s opinion: This book is definitely a great Summer read. Twists, turns and mood swings, a great who is it book. Once you start to read, its hard to put down.

3‘The Book Of Souls’- James Oswald

This was an interesting one…

‘Every year for ten years, a young woman’s body was found in Edinburgh at Christmas time: naked, throat slit, body washed clean. The final victim, Kirsty Summers, was Detective Constable Tony McLean’s fiancée. But the Christmas Killer made a mistake and McLean put an end to the brutal killing spree. Twelve years later, and a fellow prisoner has murdered the Christmas Killer. But with the festive season comes a body: naked, washed, her throat cut. Is this a copycat killer? Was the wrong man behind bars all this time? Or is there a more sinister explanation? McLean must revisit his most disturbing case and discover what he missed before the killer strikes again…’

Personally, I found this book difficult to get into, I’m not sure whether that’s because a detective drama isn’t usually what I go for. But I did find myself hooked and wanting to know what happened. Definitely think it had a surprising ending. Although I found with some aspects of the book I wasn’t quite certain how it ended, whether it was mentioned and it just didn’t click? Overall it was a good read, but I partly felt I lacked intelligence to fully comprehend it.

My Mum’s opinion: its a great police thriller, keeping you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. It definitely got my heart racing. With a fabulous ending.


Probably one of the longest book reviews I’ve done. But it makes me so happy that my Mum also got her opinion on the books in the post too. Hopefully, it can occur in future reviews.

Last book club post I gave away the books I mentioned, this time I can’t do that as I gave them to charity. But the mini giveaway will carry on, just maybe not for every post because that could get expensive haha.

*Side Note: Text in italics is not my wording but the description on the back of each book*

Sophie’s Book Club #7

What was the last book you read?

Lots of Love,




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