Never have I found a pretty rain mac. Until today…

3It’s ROSE SEQUINS. If there ever was a rain mac that spoke to me on a spiritual level it would be this one. I love that it stands out from anything I’ve ever seen before. However, I soon found that it was very difficult to capture the true colour of this mac because it does have quite a pink tone to it. So the best place to see a true reflection of what it looks like is to go to where its from; Topshop.

Sequin Rain Mac

1You can bet my jaw dropped when I saw that Topshop have this in a MINT shade?! They currently have a 70% off sale, that I know I’d be taking advantage of, if I hadn’t just made a purchase. Luckily I did get the mac 30% off in my local OUTFIT.

I flippin’ love this mac and I kind of wish I had a festival to go to because this would fit right in. Otherwise, I’ll just have to wait for some rain to be able to wear it, or some clouds, I’ll go out then too…


Since I’ve featured the rest of the outfit in my last OOTD, there’s no point linking everything again other than that post, which is here.

Other Sequin Items:

Sequin Raw Hem Shacket

Heart Sequin Mac

Light Pink Iridescent Disc Sequin Kimono


Lots of Love, Sophie




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