Its safe to say, July has been hottest month EVER. However, did anyone else have such a bad storm last night?! Where I live it just seemed to be consistent lightning. Anyways, here’s what I’ve been loving this month…

7At the start of the month I went to my College exhibition. It was a chance to see my work on display and show my Mum what I had been up to for the past two years. In the above picture, my photography work is the three images that are titled ‘FLAWED’. I really enjoyed that project and I was so proud of the outcome. It was based on the pressures society’s standards can have on anyone, presented in a magazine format.

2365These other pictures are of my costumes from Design. The first being a jacket inspired by the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and the second costume being influenced by pollution.

I don’t know whether I can categorise my next favourite as something I really love. However, recently I started watching ‘The Handmaids Tale’ and even though I’m only 4 episodes in, I’m gripped. On the other hand, its scaring me, a lot, but I still feel like I need to carry on to see what happens.

4This month, my Mum and I bought these boxing gloves from Amazon. We both wanted to try some form of fitness at home and as my Mum used to do kick boxing, we thought getting some gloves would be a good place to start. So far, we’ve loved it, were using them every other day and I’m so impressed with the quality.

Curved Focus Pads and Punch bag boxing gloves set

Music favourite this month has to be Years and Years. I have been loving ‘All for you’ and ‘Karma’, they’re just such catchy songs and I’ve had them on repeat.

1Finally, my last favourite is the Lee Stafford Everyday Blonde Shampoo. I always find it difficult to notice that much of a difference in my hair after I’ve washed it (apart from the fact that its clean). However, with this shampoo, my hair just seems to look so much brighter and healthier, possibly only noticeable to me but still I have loved using it. I also really like the scent, I used to have a perfume that was just like it.

What have you been loving this month?

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Lots of Love, Sophie



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