Where do I start? After a 1 month hiatus from this blog, my life has drastically changed.

Given the title, I moved house. Unfortunately, when the time came, I thought I would have had a few scheduled posts to go up. But it all happened so quick, Its only now I feel I can breathe again.


To put it into perspective, we had a viewing for the house on Tuesday 7th August, and then we MOVED in on Thursday 16th August. Obviously, I didn’t really get to celebrate my A- Level results that day with everything being so hectic. But I was happy with them nonetheless.


I really didn’t have a direction for this post. My main thought was to just upload an update (which is a rare occurrence on this blog). Talk about what’s happened, what’s coming up and feelings (ugh feelings).

Firstly, what I selfishly want to mention is how well my driving has come along. I don’t think I’ve ever been a bad driver, there’s a biased opinion for you, but amidst moving I had to drive nearly 3 hours on the motorway. Which if you’ve never done before, can be quite daunting. Surprisingly, I actually really enjoyed it and I was so CHILLED. As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been driving around a whole new, unfamiliar area which is much busier than where I used to live. Jheez I wonder when people will learn to get off the roads when I’m about?!


I’m not quite sure how we’re suddenly into September, but I do know that means I have just over two weeks before I start University. I think I’m excited for a bit more structure in my day, I highly doubt that will last. Anyways, the way that will affect my blog is that I’ll go back to posting once a week, not that I was that successful at twice a week. I’m excited because it means I can put a lot of energy into that one post, with the text and photography. With the time I’ve had off, I have had time to think about posts I could write, an obvious one is Old & New House Tours. I say that because I know I’m nosey enough to want that type of thing from someone else.


The last thing I wanted to talk about was something I’m not certain how to articulate correctly. Okay, so with the move, I’d say I haven’t adapted as quick as I thought I would. We moved into such a beautiful home, in a picturesque village. But I lived in the last house for 10 years, I knew the area like the back of my hand, it was close to family and 90% of the time when you passed someone in the street, at the minimum, recognised them and most importantly, it was my comfort zone.

Clearly, moving 104 miles away is obviously going to be far from comfort, but at the same time I’m so grateful to be here. It’s just a change in lifestyle I’ll get used to, something that’s still processing in my mind. However, still being in the transition period, I’m sometimes struggling to sleep, having nightmares and sporadically hit with a pang of grief? Is it right to say you can grieve the loss of a house that was once your home?

To not end on a complete negative note, I am very happy to get back to blogging. Its been a part of my life for almost 4 years, it’s a platform that no matter where I am in the country its always there. Wherever ‘there’ is.


Outfit Details


Top (Miss Selfridge)


See you next Saturday for an August Favourites.

Lots of Love,




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  1. Ah this is exciting! I’ve never moved home (apart from moving to uni but that doesn’t count) so I don’t know what it feels like. But I’ve lived in this house since I was born (so nearly 25 years) and the thought of ever moving/my parents leaving here fills me with dread.

    I’m sure you’ll get used to it all soon though and it’ll feel like home again 🙂

    Have you moved closer to where you’re going to uni?

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