When do I ever miss a monthly favourites? It would be a rare occurrence. There’s something about being able to almost do a round up of the month of all the things you’ve been loving that’s just really fun to write. Rambling aside, here’s what I’ve loved during August.

Obviously, my first favourite has to be the new house. If you missed my last post, I had a catch up and explained I moved (the post is here). I love this house, I am in a constant state of gratitude and it kind of feels like a holiday home, rather than a long term situation. I can’t wait to show you why I love the house when I hopefully post some room tours. (not showing off, just really happy).


Following on from the house, I ended up ordering a few items. And by a few I mean, I was seeing the same delivery guy most days for a couple of weeks. It was starting to get a little awkward but he was nice enough. Anyways, I ordered the majority of items from Wayfair. I had never ordered from them before but when my bank account recovers I will definitely order again. All the products I got are the best quality, the app is so good, I thought it was cool you could have ‘projects’ and use your phone camera to view potential purchases in your room. They also had really great customer service when one of my orders came without a part. -not an ad, just a really great company. Desk and chair from Wayfair but both currently out of stock.


As always, I usually have a weird/not-your-average favourite. This month its pre-university work, towards the end of July I got an information pack from the university giving me a Summer project. It was in two parts, one was a Summer diary and the other a self-portrait, the latter I’ll definitely be starting tomorrow of course. For the majority, it hasn’t been the worst thing, hence its ended up in a favourites and its made me feel less lazy having something to do.


For the first couple of weeks in the new house, I didn’t have Wi-Fi or sky tv. This just made me fall even more in love with my record player. It has probably featured in a favourites post before, but why not give credit when credits due? I am particularly loving ‘Sorry’ by Halsey on her ‘hopeless fountain kingdom’ album.

On the topic of music, my favourite song of the month has to be ‘Eastside – Benny Blanco with Halsey and Khalid’. Whenever I hear it I can’t help but sing along as loud as I can, thankfully usually in my car when that happens.


With some University work to do, I wanted to do a bit extra and start looking at different designers. Where best to look than Vogue? Its usually a magazine I love to read but recently I have been a little obsessed with it. Not only has it helped with the work I wanted to do, but I’ve enjoyed thoroughly reading each page.

What did you love during August?

Lots of Love,




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