At some point, I will stop apologising for missing a post. But today is not that day. Last week, the anticipation of starting university built up so much I had complete bloggers block when it came to what to post. However, it turned out that I was only there two days (Monday and Tuesday) which meant I had the rest of the week to write blog posts. More importantly, time to catch up on some of my favourite bloggers –if you randomly get an influx of likes/comments from me, you’re a fave.

Overview of the First Couple of Days…

4When I arrived on the Monday, it was hand in your online enrolment form and pick up your student i.d. I actually started talking to a couple girls who were waiting in line, we then stuck together and went for a drink. They were both so lovely and I thought the day was off to a good start. Unfortunately, neither of them are doing the same course as I am.

At 10, we had to go to a Welcome Talk, where we received a bag of free stuff (which was appreciated). We were sat at the back and I couldn’t really see who was talking, nor could I really hear what they were saying but that happens sometimes. Anyways, after that everyone had to go to the right tutor that was holding the sign up for your course. The afternoon was spent getting bombarded with information- that was expected– and one of the tutors had very kindly reserved a table for us at one of the café’s and had ordered us pizza, wraps and chips for lunch. It was such a lovely gesture but it was quite awkward because no one really knew each other.

The second day we were given a task to make a ‘Linda Apron’ to try to settle us in and get us talking to the rest of the group.

Why I was Disappointed…


One of the main factors I chose the University I did was because of what I was told in the interview stage. It was the first time they were doing the course, but with how strong the rest of the department was I thought it would be fine. If not an advantage to have access to more attention from tutors. However, from what it seems they have just added Fashion students with Textiles. Not the biggest of problems but not what I was told. Also the space I was shown I would be working in, it was a really great room, large floor to ceiling windows and just in general large and airy. However, now that’s gone and I know none of these are really big issues but I just couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.


Overall there is 15 of us in a group, possibly a couple more starting next week. I know with what the university is like, they do generally have smaller classes. But I thought there would be more of us (especially from what I can gather from the group, around 5 including myself are doing Fashion). Honestly, after the first day I genuinely felt I had no one that I’d end up being friends with, which making friends at uni was a worry. After the second day I have started talking to a couple of people, but I was/am worried I’m not going to fit in with the group.


Over the Summer, I received a letter that included work that should be completed over the break. It was to do a self portrait (4 A1 pieces of paper stuck together) and a sketchbook that was almost supposed to be a visual summer diary- but it was up for your own interpretation. Anyways, on day 2 when it came to handing it in, I thought from the letter I got the impression I was going to have to present my work. Which I was fine about because I knew I’d worked hard. However, if it wasn’t for me handing it in, I don’t think ‘Summer work’ would have even been spoken of. I did get my work looked at, but in general the topic wasn’t a talking point like I thought it would be. This wasn’t me being selfish and wanting to brag, but more that I thought as a group I’m sure we had put in a lot of work and kind of wanted it to be acknowledged. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say, other than I guess University is a different ball game. (I also realise I’m not going to get praise for everything I do. nor do I want it).

Anyways, I’m intrigued to experience the workshops and I’m excited to start working (the latter probably won’t take long to turn into stress). I’m sure it will only get better and the things I’ve vented about aren’t the end of the world. It’s just been a case of accepting when things don’t turn out as expected and realising things seem heightened when stressed.

How is September going for you? Have you started anything new?

Lots of Love,        



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  1. I really hope the rest of the year brings happiness and enjoyment for you, luckily my start to year 10 has been a good one, something which I’m very grateful for, starting at a new place isn’t always easy and I wish you the best xx

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      1. Thank you! I’ll try not to stress over gcses, it’s always good to make time for something you enjoy whilst something stressful is happening, so I’ll settle down and read for a bit, good luck for the rest of your time at uni xx

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  2. This post makes me sad- I wish university had got off to a less disappointing start for you! But, it is still early days and I know I’ve been at uni a week now and there’s still course and friendship elements I’m worried about. Give it time and I’m sure things will work out xxx

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      1. Exactly, just stick with that mindset and I’m sure things will get more exciting soon! I’m loving uni so far, but I think it’s okay to admit that sometimes it’s unexpected and a bit nerve wracking xx

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  3. Oh girl, reading this transported me back to college – I was lucky in that there were loads of great people at my college, but the education was literally just broken promises. The equipment and resources we were promised in interviews (like you) we just didn’t have access to and it was massively disappointing. So I totally get where you’re coming from and think you’re definitely justified in feeling a lil let down! I’m sure you’ll find your feet though, it’s always a bit off a knock off kilter when you’re thrown into a new situation 🙂 xx

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    1. Exactly! Thanks for letting me know I was justified, I got to writing the end of this post and thought ‘am I not just being a really difficult-hard-to-please-person here?’ But anyways, I’m sure as the course goes on, I’ll start to enjoy it. Thanks for commenting xx


  4. Starting uni is always so scary and frustrating. Give it some time and I’m sure things won’t seem so bad! And making friends might take a little time, but I have no doubts you’ll make plenty in no time! Keep your chin up girl xx

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  5. Starting Uni is intimidating for so many different reasons! The hardest thing to do is try to find the silver lining in the beginning, but you may surprise yourself! A big part of Uni is going out of your comfort zone, so I hope you’re able to find/make friends and find your groove in the department.

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  6. Oh no, I’m really sorry to hear this. I hope it gets better for you 🙂 When I started my first year all of the School of Biology students were together, that included zoology, biology, and various other courses, so there were like 100 of us but only like 15 on my course so I know what its like to feel daunted. I’d say it took me several weeks to find friends though so don’t give up on that yet! 🙂

    I really hope it gets better for you 🙂

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  7. I’m sorry uni has not got off to a great – it definitely is a different ball game and not how I expected at all but I’m sure we’ll grow to enjoy it in time. I hope you can make friends with some people on your course too. At first I was worried my flatmates and I wouldn’t get along as they are very different from me but after a while you get to know eachother and find things in common – I hope it works out the same for you with your course!

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    1. I don’t know how I missed your comment (apologies for such a late reply) but thank you so much for commenting! It’s so comforting to know you felt semi the same about how it’s not what you expected. I hope it’s going good for you now! I do feel like I’m starting to settle in but definitely feels like it’s going to be a long journey to get to the ‘happy’ stage x


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