We’re 6 days into October and I still can’t get my head around it. Summer is well and truly over, whilst Autumn is in full swing. As I write this; its raining; the air is colder and the fog is coming in. Could it BE anymore autumnal?! Obviously typed that out in Chandlers voice… Anyways, if that friends reference went straight over your head, here’s what I loved during September.


Starting with a social media sensation; Mrs Hinch. If you haven’t heard of her then you probably don’t have instagram. @mrshinchhome_x_ has got to be the fastest growing account I’ve ever witnessed and I can see why as she seems lovely. Her cleaning stories are genuinely so addictive to watch, not only funny but satisfying too. I liked cleaning to begin with but after following Mrs Hinch, I’m definitely more obsessed with it, who wouldn’t be when you get so many tips and tricks?! I am tempted to buy a ‘minkeh‘ when they come back in stock but I’m thinking that’s maybe a step too far with the obsession.

Following quite nicely on from the cleaning favourite is Zoflora, which enables the majority of cleaning. I probably started using Zoflora a little time before finding Mrs Hinch but had also heard about it from Lydia Millen. I flippin’ LOVE this stuff. It just makes everything smell so much better for absolutely ages. I couldn’t imagine using anything else to mop the floors with now. Favourite scent is ‘Linen Fresh’ but currently out of that so I have ‘Bouquet’ which smells good too.


Its a usual occurrence on this blog to have a slightly odd monthly favourite. This time its Sudocrem. Since moving to a new area, my skin really broke out. Whether this was down to the stress of moving or even the change in water, I’m not sure. However, I am sure I was trying everything to calm my skin down. Then one night, in a last attempt, I applied Sudocrem before sleeping. Honestly, anyone would think I had used some expensive skincare product because my skin was 10x better in the morning. Hence Sudocrem had to be featured in a favourites because its really worked as a short term solution to my breakout.

During September, the good, cosy shows were starting to appear on T.V. and obviously I was there for it. In particular, Vanity Fair started and when it did, I just watched to see what it was like (it had been advertised a lot). Looking on Twitter, there was definitely mixed reviews but personally, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven’t read the book but if I had that could have changed my opinion on the adaptation. As its progressed, I’m surprised I like it because usually I like to have the main character as someone I warm to and want to do well. However, Becky Sharpe (the main character in Vanity Fair) is unbelievably manipulative. Having said all that, that’s probably why its so addictive to watch, because its different to other period dramas. Anyways, if you want to watch/catch up I think you can on the ITV hub. Cannot believe there’s only one episode left.


September was the month that life became busier and I needed to integrate some organisation into my life. How? Lists of course. I strayed from using the ‘Reminders’ app on my phone and felt the need to actually write the jobs down. This is where Sticky Notes came in handy and on days when I wasn’t at University, I would use them to write down everything I needed to get done. Even though I’m starting to get used to this new timetable of events, I still feel the need to use sticky notes as reminders. I also think its much more satisfying being able to cross things off your list using a pen than just tapping it off on your phone.

My last favourite of September is ‘The Circle’, a new reality T.V. show where contestants are playing for popularity, using a uniquely designed social media platform ‘The Circle‘.  Players don’t actually meet each other, they’re all in separate apartments so you could pretend to be someone you’re not because you think with that profile you would be more popular. I started watching it because I’d never heard of anything like it but thought it was a genius idea. Both my Mum and I have been watching every episode and we agree its so bad its good and in turn its just very addictive to watch. If you have been watching it, my opinion on the contestants are; Dan to win (he is going to be heartbroken when he finds out about Kate) and (unpopular opinion) whilst Freddie isn’t a favourite, I do find some of the things he says funny and the show wouldn’t have been as entertaining if he wasn’t in it.

What did you love throughout September?

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Lots of Love,



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  1. I’ve heard so many things about the circle, but I didn’t know exactly what it’s about, so thank you for explaining it to me! I’ve been wanting to watch it, so i’m going to see if I get the chance to see it soon 🙂 xx

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