Tuesday 30th October 2018.

That was the day I received the highly anticipated notification from WordPress, informing me I had hit 1,000 followers. Excitement was the initial feeling, but then what? I had suddenly reached a milestone I thought was unattainable for a small, little blog like mine.

For almost 4 years, I have been uploading on this platform. And yes, thousands of people achieve a lot more in that time, but I am still so proud it is something I’ve been able to keep going with. It’s been a slow burner, however I wouldn’t have it any other way. Anyways, thinking about what I could do to mark the occasion, I firstly came up with looking back at my old posts, to see how much it had (hopefully) changed.

1Ahh back when I blogged from my phone and thought it was a great idea to include emojis in the title. This was my first ever post and embarrassingly its still public for all to see (as are all my others). Back then, I knew I wanted to blog but had no idea where to start. I had read so many introductory/first posts from other bloggers, I just couldn’t conjure up my own start. Eventually, I decided that my first post was just going to not even acknowledge I was new to blogging and start simple ‘School Makeup’.

However, I have to say the photography for the first few months of blogging was really quite tragic. I was a gal who was clueless when it came to flat-lays and I thought the only way you could blur the background is to do it yourself in a free app. I also clearly thought you HAD to blur the background of every picture.

2I thought I’d include this picture because back in the day (I say this as if it was a lot longer than 4 years ago) my blog was completely anonymous. This was the best picture you were going to get of me; the back of my head. At that time blogging was new (to me), almost scary, I had no idea how much I was comfortable sharing with the world wide web. Soon after, I did realise that what I wanted to write about would involve me needing to show my face. Can you imagine if even now, I cropped my face out of OOTD’S? That could be a little odd.


I can’t remember how I settled on a blog name, it wasn’t exactly rocket science using my first and middle name. But I’m glad I thought smart and its something I’ve been able to keep throughout and not feel the need to change. However, 4 years ago I thought ‘you must have a blog banner/logo/whatever you want to call them’. The first one is a good attempt, especially as I remember making it on Microsoft Publisher and I’m pretty sure the second one lasted a lot longer.


See it was a gradual process of showing my face. Here we were getting a lot closer but I made the wise decision of wearing sunglasses almost half the size of my head, you know to really mask my identity. Also, filters were still a novelty to me, hence why I had about 626,742 on one picture.


Late 2015, I finally figured out how to do a half decent flat-lay. I’d probably still be quite pleased if one of my flat lays turned out like this now.

6Its crazy to me that, Alfie, who couldn’t be more part of the family and I actually couldn’t imagine life without, was once not around but my blog was. I also love that I wrote about being so close to 100 followers. Even then, I remember not being able to get my head around why that many people would follow my blog.


To this day, I would say this is still one of my favourite posts. It was surprisingly fun to test out all my lipsticks, match them up, write about them and compare prices. When you put a lot of effort into a post and it turns out as good/if not better than you expected, it kind of becomes memorable. This makes it seem like I haven’t put effort into a post since 2016 which is obviously not true.


What came to mind when I saw this post was that at least my photography did improve. Some of my other favourite posts are where I’ve travelled to different places and have been able to purely upload photography. If I hadn’t of started a blog, I probably wouldn’t have a photography A level. Sometimes, its crazy to think that what you choose to do could have a knock on effect.

10I’d like to think that whatever I’ve posted, its something I’ve enjoyed writing about. For example, this ‘No Makeup Week’ I did last year, it seemed like a challenging task but because I was doing it for the blog, I did it. Again the knock on effect of that is I’ve probably spent the vast majority of this year wearing no makeup and I’m comfortable doing so. All because I had one small idea, I thought could be interesting on my blog.


Finally, of course I’ve used my blog to document life events; getting a dog; GCSE’s; prom; A level exams; passing my driving test; moving house and now starting University. I’m so grateful to have this platform and whether I have 1,000 or stayed at 100 followers, I’d still probably be boring you all with my opinion and life.

I’m excited to see how blogging progresses and the plan is to do a small giveaway closer to Christmas as a thank you for 1,000 followers. Now let me go cry at the nostalgia I’ve got from reading my blog all evening…

Lots of Love,



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  1. Congratulations Sophie, this is amazing!! 🎉 It’s funny looking back at old posts but really, it’s just great how comfortable you are with blogging now ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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