November feels like it was the longest month. However, its officially the Christmas season and that’s enough to make everyone happy, right?! Anyways, here’s a few of my favourites from the month.


Towards the start of November I spent the day at the Trafford Centre with my family. The last time I was there was probably 10 years ago, so it was a super weird feeling walking around and vaguely remembering everything. Now I live much closer to the place, its exciting to know that I can have the best shopping days more often.

I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here

November was the month that arguably one of the best shows started; I’m a Celebrity. Although this year, I’m not impressed, it seems to have only just started and now the final is tonight (of course this is an exaggeration, its been on for the usual three weeks.) I have surprisingly loved Holly Willoughby replacing Ant and I would love if Harry Redknapp or John Barrowman won. If you’ve been watching this year, who would you like to win?

4My last post was documenting my trip to the Bowes museum, so I thought it only fair to include in my favourites. Quite frankly, I’m still in admiration for the designers work I saw that day and its only just cemented my love for Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.


My song choice of the month has been ‘Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max’. Every time this song comes on the radio, it is turned up. Its just one of those songs that you’ve just got to sing along to.

3It feels like its been a while since I’ve mentioned an actual product in a favourites. But during November I purchased Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 clay. Certain times of the month, my skin starts feeling a tad oily, which is why I wanted to try something for it. I love that you can use this in three different ways but what has been working for me is using it once a week or more if I need it as a face mask. I like that you don’t have to leave it on your skin for ages (2 to 3 minutes), so its not time consuming and it leaves my skin feeling really fresh.

2Saving the most important favourite until last. The NHS is such an incredible service that is taken for granted. ‘Hospitals in race to combat ‘toughest ever’ winter crisis for NHS’  and ‘Our NHS is struggling to survive in its current form. Time for a radical overhaul’. These types of headlines are circulating the news everyday and whilst you can hope change starts soon it doesn’t really sink in until you know someone or its yourself, who needs the service. During November, two of my family members needed the NHS, my Nana unfortunately experienced Intensive care and my Mum experienced the Paramedics and A&E. All as equally as important as each other. But all under just as much strain. I’m so grateful for the NHS, however we need to learn quickly how to look after it.

What did you love during November?

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  1. I wish we had I’m a celebrity here! From watching everyone on twitter and their Instagram stories talking about it, it’s definitely made me curious (I’m a sucker for trashy tv), I’m glad to hear you’ve had a great November 🙂 xx

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