Is it too late to do a gift guide this far into December? If the answer is yes, then we can just see this as a ‘What I’ve got my Mum for Christmas‘ post…


Elizabeth Arden Miracle Moisturisers

Firstly, you can’t go far wrong with a good gift set. My Mum is always complaining that she has never been able to find a decent lip product. So for a while, I’ve wanted to buy her the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. However, when I went to purchase it, this little combination came up and I liked that my Mum would have a variety of products.

3‘Vigilante’ Kerry Wilkinson

During the Summer, my Mum and I both read a book that immediately had us gripped. (Featured in a book club post here.) It is actually part of a series and for Christmas, I finally got around to ordering the second one. What’s great about this is that my Mum will have more than likely forgot about our love for the first book and (hopefully) it will be a pleasant surprise when she unwraps the second.


St. Christopher Pendant

A bit of a luxury present now, I went 50/50 with my Dad for. It’s something my Mum had said she’s always liked but that it was expensive so she’d totally understand if we couldn’t get it. But my Mum deserves the world so this necklace was an easy choice.

4Pull & Bear Purse

If all else fails and you’re just completely lost for what to get someone for Christmas, just go shopping with them. I went shopping with my Mum and in one store my Mum said how much she liked this purse. So I’ve bought it and it was just a easy present I didn’t have to put much thought into.

Bit of luck my Mum doesn’t know how to read my blog right?

Lots of Love,





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