I would quite appreciate these dark January days to disappear at this point. It is SO difficult getting decent blog pictures when daylight is not too different to night. Clearly a first world problem but anyways today I thought I’d share my study. A post I’ve wanted to do for a while, however I’ve been in a constant state of ‘if I just buy that, then the room will be finished’. So I’ve come to the conclusion, the room will never be finished but in the meantime I might as well get this post out.


Let’s start with the worst quality image and also the biggest distraction in the study; the tv corner. Yes, 99.9% of the time Friends is playing but I do have the self control to turn it off when I actually have to concentrate. However, one of the joys of an art degree is half the time I can afford to work and have background noise.

Chest of drawers

6On Boxing day, I decided to change this room around so now this side is more for decoration. I have my planners on the wall, (the whiteboard is blank because I haven’t got my new timetable for uni) old sewing machine and record player.



One of my Christmas presents I received was a Google Home mini. I find it so useful and have been using it most in the study and kitchen. I’ll be cooking in the kitchen and every two minutes ask a question. The other day it was ‘how do you blanch vegetables?’

Google Home Mini

4This is my work side and I absolutely adore this desk, I bought it from Wayfair and it far exceeded my expectations. Whilst the rest of my study can sometimes get *slightly* cluttered, this desk is the one place that everything needs to stay in the same place.

1One of the reasons I love my desk so much is because of this extra space underneath. Its perfect to keep books, my sewing machine and just little bits I need for my sewing machine close by.

Sewing machine

2At this point Alfie had had enough of me taking blog pictures, so he came to sit right in front of my desk.

3Finally, this chair is super comfortable and again its from Wayfair. I think its a nice touch to the study. Eventually, I’d like to have a mannequin in this room but for now I’m just really grateful for this area in the house.

Lots of Love,




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