Double checking to make sure that it has been September since I uploaded a book post. SEPTEMBER?! What have I been doing with my life?! This year, I’m already making reading a priority. Every night before bed, I’ve made a conscious effort to read and I actually really look forward to that time of day now.

Anyways, recently the thought occurred to me that whilst I title these posts ‘book clubs’ they’ve never really been that. This was the point that I realised, I’d love others input. Here was my idea, shoot me down if you don’t think it would work. However, I thought I could tell you the book I’ve read, share what its about and if you’re interested in reading it yourself, I’ll post it to you! (free of charge to you of course). The only thing I would request is that once you’ve read it, you tell me what you thought and I could include it when I write my review in a post. There would be no time limit in which you need to read the book, I would just be grateful for your input. Of course, you would get full credit on the post and I would link your blog and anything else you like. This might be an idea that just isn’t going to work but I thought I’d give it a go.


‘The Ice Beneath Her’ by Camilla Grebe is the book I’d love to send to one of you. The back reads: ‘A detective haunted by the past. A psychological profiler terrified for her future. A vicious murder that pulls them together. A hunt for a killer that could break them. The cracks are beginning to show. A gripping and deeply disturbing psychological thriller that hurtles towards an unforgettable ending with a terrifying final twist…’

So if this book takes your fancy and you’d be willing to read it and then review it so I could include in my blog (full credit to your words), let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to post it out to you!

I would include your review along with my own on the book whenever you have finished reading it (again no time restriction, I’d just be grateful for your contribution). If this works well, I’d love to continue to do it, just probably not for every book I read, because that could get expensive!


I couldn’t just have my what-could-be-a-flop-idea as a whole post so I thought I’d share my thoughts on the book I finished just this week. Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth (an Illustrated version I might add) was such a GOOD read. I was already absolutely obsessed with the series on BBC, so it has been perfect to be able to pick this up in between episodes. Also the fact that it was illustrated really helped to set the time period and I genuinely loved being able to look at the original pictures and read the descriptions to each. Another favourite of mine was that because the book has so many different experiences within it, it meant I could pick it up at any point and not be like ‘sh*t what’s happened so far?’ But still it flowed so well.

Overall, its just made my love for Call the Midwife strengthen and I’d love to read the rest of Jennifer’s books. Its also made me realise that I’d love to read books that are set between 1940-70. I know Call the Midwife is 60’s but I’m interested in all of those decades. So if you happen to know any books that fit the criteria, please comment them.


Its definitely not going to be 4 months before I post another book club post. I’ll still be posting them with just me, even if my idea works.

Lots of Love,



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  1. I LOVE your version of Call the Midwife! I just have the normal paperback version but your illustrated version looks so good! I remember almost skim reading the book though, not because I didn’t enjoy it but because I’d just watched series 1-3 and loads of the stories were those that were in the TV show so I felt like I’d already heard them if that makes sense?

    The Ice Beneath her sounds like an interesting, but terrifying book! But I love your idea! 🙂

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