Early February is always the BEST time. My birthday was on Sunday, 3 years ago today I picked up Alfie and 4 years ago today I started this blog.

3As I was saying, on the 10th of February I turned 19 and I may or may not have baked myself birthday cupcakes (using Tanya Bakes recipe). I also may or may not have made my parents sing happy birthday whilst this picture was being taken. But seriously, I had such a lovely day, started it off in the gym (weird, I know) and ended the day with the best food in one of my favourite restaurants.

1Dress: Missguided

Turns out, my parents had planned to sing Happy Birthday to me all along, they’d just arranged for in the restaurant. What’s better than having your parents sing to you? Complete strangers singing as well! I know a lot of people hate the thought of that kind of attention but I just think your birthdays only once a year so why not?!

Other Birthday Things I did:

  • Played the ‘Happy Birthday’ playlist on Spotify (REPEATEDLY)
  • Texted in to Radio 1, for a birthday shout out, not even embarrassed about that one.
  • Danced like Chandler from Friends. Reference: Season 5 Episode 4.


The 15th of February is also a pretty great day because it marks 3 years since I brought Alfie home. This dog is my best friend. And if you have a dog yourself, you can understand the love you have for them. I have a constant shadow and I couldn’t imagine a life without him in it.

I was also thinking there wasn’t a more appropriate day to create Alfie an instagram. So if you’d like to give him a follow (he’ll follow back) his username is: @alf__alfie (with two underscores).


Finally, its also my 4 year blogiversary! I’m literally sat here not knowing what to type because I genuinely don’t know how I’ve blogged for that length of time. I don’t feel like I know anything more about blogging than I did 4 years ago (apart from to stop using those dreadful banner things, see above). And I know a lot of people have achieved a lot more with their blog in that time, but I’m happy where my little blog is at the minute.

Here’s to the next 4 years…

Also, its become kind of a tradition to post on this day, so if you’d like to go back, you can below.




2015 (Why have I not made this private yet?!)

Lots of Love,




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  1. Happy belated birthday, and congratulations on your blogiversary (what a milestone!) You looked amazing on your birthday- I love that dress, and I’m so glad you treated yourself lots!! Also, just followed Alfie on Instagram 🙂 xx

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