This months favourites is definitely just a combination of everything I’ve got up to during this month and I don’t even mind because I loved February…

1Starting off the favourites with creating my dog an instagram. Something I’d thought about doing for a little while but very happy when I got around to it. I actually think I’m some comedic genius, thinking up captions for the posts. For example, the caption for the picture above was: ‘Humans can be so rude. The amount of love and affection I show these people and they can’t even lift me over one of these things #puppydogeyesdontwork #everest #loveyourpetday.’

Also, if you’d like to follow him, username is @alf__alfie

2The month started with a trip to a local museum. It was nice to get out and see what’s in the surrounding areas. I’ve lived in this new home for 6 months now and still haven’t the slightest idea of whats really around me. Don’t worry I know where the essentials are like; Topshop; Trafford Centre and the best restaurant.

Anyways the museum itself was really lovely and I’ll be keeping my eye out for future exhibitions. When I was there, they had a cool moon exhibition on which featured this huge moon, that you could see from any floor.


I go through stages of listening to music a lot to not at all. But recently, I’ve been loving a few songs in particular:

  • Who Do You Love- 5SOS & The Chainsmokers
  • So Close- NOTD & Georgia Ku
  • Don’t feel like crying- Sigrid
  • High Five- Sigrid


I WENT HOME!! I loved seeing my family, (not in the picture for their privacy) so I couldn’t not include it in the favourites. You know when you haven’t seen people in ages and you worry its not going to be the same. But when you finally see them again its like nothings changed? That was such a lovely feeling and now I just want to know when the next time I’ll see them is.

Picture above featured in last weeks OOTD.

1I couldn’t not end my favourites without mentioning my BIRHTDAY! Okay, it was just the one day but its only a yearly occurrence. I loved, loved, loved my birthday and wish I could relive the day all over again.

What has been one of your favourites this month?

Lots of Love,



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  1. So glad you had a good birthday! You look lovely – love the yellow dress!
    February was a good month as I loved the unusual sunny spring like days we had – just hope they continue into March now! X

    Liked by 1 person

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