Usually, if I’ve missed a couple posts, I don’t find it too difficult to get back into blogging (touch wood, I’ve never been gone much longer than that). But the past few weeks have been so full on, I don’t know where to start.

Maybe we should start with an achievement. Last week, I finished my first year at University- which is quite an accomplishment considering in September I was completely questioning my decision of the University itself. But thanks to the lovely people I’ve met, (ONE OF WHICH I KNOW IS READING THIS, YOU BEAUTIFUL HUMAN) I couldn’t imagine studying anywhere else.

My final piece for one of my uni modules. (Whitework)

Speaking of my favourite gals, we decided to celebrate our final hand-in for uni by getting piercings. I have wanted my helix piercing for a very long time now, so to actually get around to it, especially going with my friends, was so exciting.


Surprisingly it wasn’t painful and the only time I experienced any discomfort was when he was fidgeting around with putting the ring in. I kind of wished the ring was thinner but it’s not really bothering me anymore. I am however, VERY excited to buy a much cuter, more delicate ring to achieve the look I see on instagram as soon as it has healed. (My favourite account to obsess over is Astrid & Miyu).

5I also started working! I am now a receptionist at the Gym I use. The uniform is definitely a bit smarter than what you’d think for a gym but I’m putting that down to it being part of a hotel as well. The job itself couldn’t have come at a better time, considering I now have over 3 months off. I am super grateful that it came up when it did, as is my bank account…


With working and having uni deadlines, I’ve really exhausted myself. For the past couples of weeks, I’ve felt drained and the best way to explain it, is that with life having been so hectic, now that part of it has suddenly stopped (uni that is) its as though my body hasn’t caught up with the stillness and I’m suddenly experiencing a lot of dizziness. Which is probably why I haven’t been able to blog because I haven’t got the energy or attention for anything at the minute. Any energy I do have, is taken up to go to work. Hopefully, after a week or so, I should be back to normal and get on with what is going to be a really fun Summer.


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  1. First of all, congrats on finishing your first year of uni😊 it is such a great achievement and I can’t believe it myself how quickly time went by!
    Secondly, that dress is stunning😍
    You’re lucky to have gotten a job for the summer, it’s nice to have a bit of spending money☺️
    I hope you feel better soon and more relaxed, looking forward to getting back to writing to you🥰

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    1. Thank you for your interest! Honestly I’ve just been busy with work, hopefully I’ll have chance to write a post when I finish a shift on Sunday! I also really need to get back into the habit of reading everyone’s posts! All (fingers crossed) happening soon XX


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