*’Physical clutter causes mental clutter’*

Dr Emerson Wickwire has explained that clutter in the bedroom affects your sleep because of its mental impact. The clutter activates the brain and therefore disrupts sleep. Without knowing that logical statement, I’ve always lived by a clean room helps towards a good sleep.

So in today’s post of being in-between-shifts-and-ridiculously-tired- I thought I’d share my bedroom and you can decide whether I’m ‘ridiculously tidy’ or live like the average person.


Bedding- Catherine Lansfield Pom Pom Blush

Bed frame- Saturn Rose Gold

Firstly, I am obsessed with this bedding and no picture I take will actually do it justice. It’s also a little bit creased because I could not be bothered to iron it after it had been in the wash. But I would like to know if ironing bedding is a common thing to do because I’ve only seen a couple people do it.


Lamp- Dunelm (a few years ago)

Drawers – Toulouse

Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of this mixture of metals, but I just haven’t found a lamp replacement yet. Anyways, I always keep my bedside table super tidy because I don’t see why you wouldn’t. There’s not much I need that close to me while I sleep.


Dressing Table- Toulouse

Chair- Dunelm (from a while ago)

The other side of my bed sits my dressing table. Not much to say other than I like the simplicity of it, no makeup on show just some brushes.


Drawers- same as by the bed.

Mirror- Toulouse

Frames- Copper Standing & Copper Pressed

Opposite the dressing table I have this little corner. Recently, I’ve been trying to print more pictures off so I love that that’s finally come together in this area- bonus points for me getting them in copper frames to match the bed.


Moving around the room, attached is the ensuite. I love this room, it gives me privacy and I love that the tiles are pink.


Drawers- Toulouse

Prints- Abstract & Quote

Books- Amazon (The New Fashion Rules, To Die For Fashion, Turning the Tide on Plastic & How to Be an Overnight Success)

Jewellery Holder

Finally, the space opposite my bed, which could arguably be the most cluttered part of the room. Its taken me a while to organise this area but I think I’m now happy with the overall look and I adore these prints.

So is your room ridiculously tidy? a complete mess? or somewhere in between? I’d love to know…

*Quote taken from Article linked here.*



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