Fight Against Plastic: An Experiment

With Boots announcing their plan to ban plastic bags in the news this past week, it reminded me of my aim to write more on being environmentally conscious. With time on my hands, I’m able to read up on and learn different lifestyle changes I can make. In this post, I’ll include the things I’ve started to do and the goal being by the end of Summer, I’ll post whats been maintained and added.

Muslin cloths replacing Makeup wipes

Initially, I thought the hardest one to maintain would be to go without makeup wipes. In truth, its been much easier than expected, if you don’t have something, you make do without. It’s probably better for my skin because now I have to double cleanse after wearing makeup. Muslin cloths are also much softer to use on my skin, easy to wash and zero waste.

Okay, I can’t stop using ALL wipes…


Purely from the house I’ve grown up in, we always have wipes in the bathroom but I don’t know whether this is a standard or uncommon thing to do? Anyways, it was a ‘This Morning‘ segment I watched where I learnt that wipes don’t biodegrade and whilst they can state ‘safe to flush’, they’re not safe for the environment. So until I stop using wipes all together, I think I’ve found the best option; biodegradable; compostable; suitable for vegans and 100% organic cotton- Amazon link here.

Reusable bottle, single use plastic who?


An obvious one is to invest in a refillable bottle because there’s really no excuse to buy a single-use plastic bottle anymore. I bought this one from Amazon and think its the perfect size because I know I can leave the house and know I’m not about to have an empty bottle within five minutes.

A cute Tote

3Similar to the bottle, there is no reason to not be using re-usable bags. My go-to is this one I bought from the design museum in Milan, I think its much prettier than any 5p bag I’m offered in stores. Also, it might be a good idea to just have one in the boot of your car, then you’re never caught off guard with a spontaneous shopping trip.


After sharing what is probably the bare minimum of what I’m doing to use less plastic, my next read is ‘Turning the Tide on Plastic‘. Hopefully, by the end of it, I’ll have accumulated more plastic-free lifestyle changes and be able to have a more thorough post by the end of Summer.


4 thoughts on “Fight Against Plastic: An Experiment

  1. love this post! I’ve literally just posted about reusable makeup wipes too because I’ve been trying to use less wipes recently, to be honest I think they’re better for the skin anyway like you said! xx

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