My blog seems to have become a common place for sporadic breaks- of which causes numerous mental battles. Only recently is it becoming apparent that its because my interests are changing but my blog hasn’t.

Anyways, before this post gets too bleak, I wanted to explain my current interests, so you know what to expect from now on. Truthfully, they’re not too far from my ‘How I’d like to Spend my Summer‘ post but perhaps more pin-pointed because I see them as long term interests.


My most recent post was about the start of my awareness with plastic and how I’m trying to reduce my usage. If you’ve read that post, you’ll know it was a small experiment I was attempting over the summer; to swap out as many plastics as possible. But the more I’ve thought about it and after finishing ‘Turning the Tide on Plastic’ by Lucy Siegle, I’ve realised its much more than that. Its not something I can or want to do in a couple months. Reducing the amount of plastic I use is something I want to continue to educate myself on and document it here. I think it would be an interesting series, to see how far I could progress but also share as I learn.


Something I seem to have gone back and forth on a lot over the past year is being Vegetarian. However, a couple weeks ago, I just stopped eating meat all together, it wasn’t a big lead up, I didn’t think about it before I started, I just suddenly didn’t have the appetite for it. Anyways, so far its going well and I’m enjoying trying new recipes, so the intention is to share recipes I particularly love and maybe share when I’m finding it difficult?


Reading has always had a place on this blog and I wouldn’t want that to change. But the format in which I share what I’ve been reading needs to adjust. At the minute, I’m thinking seasonally I could post what I’ve been reading in the previous couple of months. That way, its probably a good balance of having enough time to get through some books but also posting about it at part-regular intervals.


Finally of course my blog is going to continue to include Fashion themed posts, I’m a fashion student, so its kind of a big interest. My aim is to start learning more about sustainability in fashion, so again this blog will be the place I post about that.

There we go, my interests and what my blog will be about as it stands.                        Catch-up done.


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