Yesterday, after having worked a crazy amount of days in a row, I had booked a night away at the Durham Royal County Marriott hotel. I love Durham and the Marriott is a firm favourite of places to stay. Anyways, I had the best day so I thought I’d share the- mainly outfit- details…


We managed to check in early, which was lucky because look how perfect the room was.

10Then I basically had my ideal day of shopping in bookstores and clothes shops, of which Durham has a good combination.


Come the evening, I was adamant I wanted to get a decent picture of my outfit – at least one good enough for the gram!!- so my first attempt (pictured above) was taken in the ladies. Obviously not ideal but you wouldn’t believe how good the lighting was in there and as loo’s go, this was a fairly pretty one.

Anyways, it did occur to me how ridiculous I sounded, asking my Mum to take a picture of me, IN THE TOILETS, even if they were designed faultlessly. So keep scrolling to see me literally cracking up as a reaction to my Mum’s puzzled look at my request.

8At this point, it was not worth it for the gram.


Second attempt started off well; we were back in the room, we’d found a tidy-ish area and having flash on was helping the lighting situation.


But of course, it swiftly went downhill when my Mum suddenly started to forget what time the flash went off and that you kind of need to hold the phone still for 0.1 seconds longer before moving.

Obviously, I appreciate my Mum filling the role of photographer and 99% of the time the pictures she takes of me, I love and use. And at least the other 1%, I still find cute and can laugh at.

5Anyways, getting on to outfit details:

Ribbed Top (& Other Stories)

Midi Skirt (Motel Rocks)

Nude Velvet Heels (Dorothy Perkins) *bought a couple years ago*

Bag (Topshop) *bought a few weeks ago, can still be found in store*

At first, I didn’t immediately fall in love with this outfit as much as I thought it would, I think I was wanting it to give me a better shape than it did- probably an in-the-head-issue. But I do love the way the skirt flowed matched the slight frill on the top. And looking back at the pictures, made me realise I was fussing over nothing and this outfit was a solid 10/10 for comfort and style.


So I’d quite like to book my next ‘Well Deserved Night Away’ now…



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