We’re just going to stop addressing the lengthy breaks I’ve been taking (47 days and counting…) This Summer, I’ve been running on empty. I had such high expectations of what I wanted to get out of these few months off of uni. Without achieving any of them, I pretended/tried-very-hard to continue to blog when my time, head and heart weren’t in it. Turns out having a job, gives you little time for anything else.

Fortunately, I finally had the time off I so desperately craved. One week in Cyprus was all I needed to reset. And whilst two weeks ago I couldn’t imagine saying it; I’m ready to get back to uni and this blog.

So easing my way back into the blogging sphere, I thought I’d start with pictures I took on the trip. It wasn’t my first time in Paphos but there’s something about the Sunsets there, that I could never tire of.

Starting with what was my view for the full 7 days, you can imagine that not only did it look perfect, hearing the waves crash against the rocks was the ultimate relaxation.

The sight from my room managed to sit just at the right angle to show a bit of everything.

The harbour is one of the prettiest places to walk around and going in the early evening makes for the perfect pictures.

The hotel had a beautiful outdoor eating area, you could eat lunch there during the day and at night it became this stunning a la carte restaurant. It’s fair to say, I had the BEST spaghetti carbonara ever here.

Whilst I didn’t stay in the same hotel as I did the last time I stayed in Paphos, the hotel in question was literally a ten minute walk along the beach. 5 years ago I took a very similar picture, so without meaning to I recreated it. Funnily enough the guy fishing in the background, featured in the pictures the last time too.

Outside the hotel I stayed at in 2014.

Right next door to our hotel was this beautiful church, also the location of the ‘Sunset point of Cyprus’.

Anyways, to conclude, I’ll be forever grateful for Cyprus giving me the detox I needed and now I feel ready to take on the world, or something less cringe…



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