Almost a year ago, I posted my last OOTD. Through Corona, I couldn’t find the energy to regularly upload and after finishing my second year of university, I was mentally drained. But in all honesty, it’s a tiring cycle of introducing posts as a justification to why I haven’t blogged. So we’re going to see how this goes…

Anyways, I thought I’d start with an Outfit of the Day because it feels as though its the most natural one to write. Since COVID had us all working from home, it had me finishing my second year of University through many zoom calls. Along with that, I put a lot of hours into trying to make up two garments that not only fit a brief but were somewhat at a standard as though I’d been able to access direct tutoring and University equipment.

The brief was to create either a modular or multifunctional collection, based on an iconic piece. I chose to look at the Puffer jacket and I arguably managed to make the garments have both modular and multi-functional elements.

The jacket is not only accidentally reversible- down to working out the inside, just as much as the outer– but has a modular element that sits on the shoulders. This was designed to have a plethora of pockets, with the intention that my muse uses it to carry their ‘zero-waste essentials’.

Next up are these Dungarees, with the bottom half showcasing an at home attempt screen print. This included cut-out-card, a very BASIC print and some gouache paint. If you wanted to see this in action, there’s a time-lapse saved on my Instagram highlight ‘In Progress’- @sophiesamantha_fashion. However, one of the main features of the dungarees is the draw-cord, making the garment adjustable.

I love the versatility of this jacket, being able to wear it inside out, carry it on your shoulders and with or without the modular element.

Overall, I’m really quite proud of what I achieved with these garments. Given the circumstances of working from home, I’m not sure I could have done anything better to achieve a greater outcome. Although, if you were interested to see the thought process and research behind the project, its documented on my Fashion Instagram account. Another plug for the Instagram, with it being one of the places that had my attention this Summer…

Instagram: @sophiesamantha_fashion

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