Currently, a Final year BA (Hons) Fashion student, with a blog that’s been an independent site since 2015. This platform revolves around the industry, inspirations and my own creative journey.

If you want to catch up with what I’m up to, or in general would like to contact me, here’s where you can:

Instagram: @sophiesamantha_fashion

Email: scottsophie647@gmail.com


45 thoughts on “Home

  1. cute blog! 😀

    My name is Emma (blog name: Indiana) and I’m a new blogger and my blog is about diys, hot topics, photography – life style and a lot more. Right now I’ve a post on my blog about “Makeup Shaming” and I was hoping that you could go to this link https://indianajs.wordpress.com/2015/06/16/makeup-shaming/ and read/watch the video and tell me your opinions about this “Makeup Shaming”. I apologize if you don’t like this type of comment but I would really love to read what you think about this.

    Once again, I’m sorry and I hope you have an amazing day!
    Indiana -/ indianajs.wordpress.com

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