My Fashion Resolutions for 2022

Is it too late to announce resolutions? For the sake of this blog, we’re going to say a resounding no.

We’re also going to slide right past my inability to keep up a blogging schedule. But new year, new me, right? Anyways, as it’s hard not to this time of year, I was contemplating how I could be a better person. Not in a general sense, cause that’s a lot to take on. But within the fashion sphere. As a creative, I strive to do everything in the most sustainable way. So it’s equally important to acknowledge how to maintain that standard in my personal life. The life that gets to enjoy fashion, rather than create it.

Mend and Repair

In a world of overconsumption, the key is, well, stop consuming. Hold on to what we already have and make it last. I’d predict there’s many of us who arguably do hold on to what’s in our wardrobes, but what percentage is worn? We’re all guilty of it. But clothing underutilisation is a huge problem. So the jacket that no longer fits my style? Re-dye it. The trousers that don’t fit well on the waist? Take them in. 2022 will be the year I fully commit to looking after each item in my wardrobe.

And whilst I was recently at the Design Museum in London, I came across this book ‘Wear, Repair, Repurpose’ by Lily Fulop. It was beautiful from cover to cover and I’m still ever so slightly reeling to have left it on the shelf. Obviously it’s been added to my wish-list and I cannot wait to purchase it ASAP in order to help me on my mending journey. (But I did discover the author on instagram @mindful_mending so that’s helping for now.)

Probably my most difficult resolution to work on, is this one. I rarely shop, but this year when I do, I’d like it to be second hand. The difficulty being that if I’m shopping, I’m doing it with an item in mind. Which doesn’t really work when you’re trawling through second hand garments. I can practically hear you screaming ‘DEPOP’ or you know any other selling site that’s also available. It just doesn’t work for me, I can search for hours for what I think I’m looking for, but to no avail. I’ll admit, that’s probably a me problem, imagining a garment that literally does not exist, anywhere. This year, I think I’m going to try changing tactics, using the second hand market as a rare ‘treat’, going in with an open mind and *hopefully* end up with an unexpected treasure or two.

Purchase with Intention

This next one is less of a resolution and more of a keep-it-up. Last year, I got into the habit of purchasing with intention. In other words, only buying a garment after I’d really thought about it. How many uses would I get out of it? Could I wear it year round? Is it well made? Do I trust the brand I’m potentially buying from? Or respect what they stand for? Lastly, do I truly want it? And to answer the last one, I have to still be thinking about it one month on, or in some cases 3 months (if I purchase said item, I’ll let you know why I contemplated it for so long).

But my biggest tip for organising purchase temptations is Pinterest. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to items I’m thinking about, or items I think would fit in a capsule wardrobe (but I can’t purchase because I have something similar). It makes it easy for it all to be in one place, visually it looks good and ultimately I can keep returning to it to see how I feel about those garments changes *if at all* over time.


In a bid to consume less, now is the time to get creative with my wardrobe. Last year, I met some people who have really inspired me with their style and it’s since piqued my interest to look at my wardrobe differently. It’s my goal this year to step out of my comfort zone with styling. Really take in what I have already and style together pieces I have yet to. I definitely fall back on the standard ‘jeans and a nice top’ too often day-to-day and I want to push myself to make a little effort and convey myself as someone with an interest in fashion.

The image above is from the Summer, when I decided to style my outfit with one of my Dads’ suit jackets. We all know that oversized, menswear trend was in (still set to continue through 2022) and I wanted to try it for myself. I’ll be honest, I felt like it was slightly too oversized for me to get away with, but admittedly, I liked the outcome in images. So again, maybe its about experimenting with what I have and just going with it anyway?


Something I’ve already started this year, is routinely making time to catch up on the news within the Fashion industry. My go to’s so far are The Business of Fashion and Vogue Business. I’ve come to realise how important it is to be aware of what’s going on and it should be a standard activity considering this is the industry I want to be working in. I also haven’t found it difficult to integrate with the combination of having a decent commute time and already having a deep interest in the industry. Overall, my last fashion related resolution for this year, is to continue to educate myself, stay in the loop and visit more exhibitions I find interesting*.

*literally any exhibition because its nice to be out the house after the last couple years we’ve had.

Understandably, these resolutions can be viewed to be the most over-used, obvious solutions we could all be trying out. But the point is, not all of us are, and it’s showing. Also, it was either this or career goals, but sometimes it’s best to keep your cards close to your chest right?