Taking Inspiration to Organise my Wardrobe…

Just as I was about to write a book club post, I changed my mind last minute. The cause of this, was me watching ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’ on Netflix. I wanted to try what she had suggested and thought it would be interesting as I’d already consider myself to be a fairly organised person.


Starting with my wardrobe, there really wasn’t much to do. Since moving during the Summer, I had the biggest clear out of clothes, so everything pictured gets a lot of wear. However what I do like to do, which is maybe a step too far, is put the clothes into colour order. I just think it looks so much more aesthetically pleasing and its just easier if I have in mind the kind of colour I want to wear that day, I can just see straight away my options.

Side note: My wardrobe definitely doesn’t look like this all of the time. Also to put it into perspective, the other wardrobe right next to this is such a mess with coats and dresses. There’s no way that’s ever going to look aesthetically pleasing enough to appear on the blog. 

4Since getting into this post I’ve realised the four primary colours in my wardrobe are black, white, mustard and pink. What a weird combination that is…

Anyways, I thought I’d show you the bottom of my wardrobe which is pretty basic. I prefer this area to be as minimalistic as possible because otherwise it can just look really cluttered. So I have my most loved shoes and my gym bag. I guess not the usual look for a gym bag but its the perfect size for what I need it for.

2Moving on to where I really took advice from Marie Kondo and annoyingly I didn’t take a before picture. But her folding technique really works well, I thought I wouldn’t get the hang of it or that I just wouldn’t like it. However, it was easy enough to do and now I can clearly see all of my tops. One thing I’m not sure on, is how long it will stay this way. Although it does seem that it would be difficult to break the pattern and just pile clothes on top, so maybe because of the unique order I’ll naturally have to keep doing it.

3Finally, I remembered to take a before picture and I must say my ‘tops’ drawer was a lot tidier in the before stage. This always ends up in a mess because every time I go to the gym, I feel differently, some days I want my darkest gym clothes to blend in. Other days, I’m feeling more confident and reach for a bolder print. Hence, the drawer ends up in a cluttered state.

1Here’s the after, I really liked the outcome of this drawer and think it will be the easiest to maintain. So I didn’t see the need to stand the leggings up like I had done with the sports bras but I still think it all looks clearly organised.

Overall, I thought Marie Kondo’s views on tidying were really insightful and I’m now tempted to buy her book so that I have something to read further up on. Also, I thought I had done a wardrobe organisation post recently, turns out it was over a year ago! So if you’d like to see how my organising has changed (that sounds SO sad, please don’t go read that) you can here.

Have you watched Tidying Up on Netflix?

Lots of Love,